Lib Tech Skate is extremely proud to release Sky Siljeg’s “Sky High” pro part! One of the world’s most dynamic, creative, free flowing skateboarders (and 15 year Lib Tech skater) Sky Siljeg get’s his first ever pro model board, the Sky High! The art of milling around meets the art of milling wood for the release of Sky’s first pro board and pro video part. Watch Sky melt in to skate parks, navigate inter-dimensional loops and skate to the beat of his own drummer’s own drum in this five minute mind bender filmed over the past 9 months. When Sky skates, messing around and getting gnarly exist on the same plane, because all under the sun is fun and open to interpretation, especially when your on a skateboard!

Filmed and edited by Think Thank’s Sean Lucey with music by Lothar and The Hand People.


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