Greg Lutzka returned from Berlin, Germany a bit wealthier yesterday afternoon after he won the 2011 Telekom Extreme Playgrounds invitational this past Sunday afternoon. The head to head format made for some heated match ups between some of Europe’s best skaters and several more widely known pros that compete on American soil. Check in with the WCS site for pics, words, and complete results.

Notably, Shane O’Neill was in Berlin amongst the mix of the competition as well. Does this suggest that he’s abandoned his contractual obligations with Street League? Maybe not; perhaps Europe doesn’t apply to the stipulations.

Final Results
1. Greg Lutzka
2. Manny Santiago
3. Joost Ahrens
4. Phil Zwijsen
5. Shane O’Neill (tie)
5. Alex Mizurov (tie)
5. Tomas Vintr (tie)
5. Yannick Schall (tie)

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