The Untz Presents:  Made in Glitch Music Fest

January 23-24

Thank you Interweb for once again enabling us to utilize different ways to get music out to the masses.  The Untz is currently presenting the first ever Made in Glitch Festival.  

The first of it’s kind, this digital music festival allows you to rock out at home in your pajamas, or rage at an intimate listening party with 200 hundred of your closest friends.   With several dj’s playing on different “stages” on the site, listeners have the freedom to cruise and stop at what they want to hear.  Will this format replace summer music festivals?  Probably not… but it sure is nice to be sitting here working and listening to a live set by Hamm FM when I’d be listening to music anyway.  I can feel his energy and picture the excitement and huge smile on his face as he is putting out one of the best mixes I’ve heard from him.  Looking forward to seeing what’s to come from these guys as they keep pushing the limits of music appreciation and the live experience.   

You can still catch the rest of day 1 well into this evening, so tune in now and RSVP for live sets from Knight Riderz, Starkey, and more!  

remaining set times Jan 23: (EST time)

-Knight Riderz: 5pm

-Starkey 6pm

-Jon Dose 7pm

-High Top Kicks 8pm


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