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Mammoth Mountain opened this weekend with a couple feet of fresh snow, decent coverage top to bottom and an awesome early season park. The mountain was literally a who’s who of snowboarding with everyone from far and wide in town to get the snow legs back into gear and enjoy the festivities that opening day had to offer.


Dcon Stoked for some Mcshredding.

Mandatory Method from Dcon. Like this post if you love Methods..

Top section of the park.


On hill, the riding couldn’t have been better. The storm dropped just enough snow for the daring to let loose and get some good pow turns, rocks be damned. By the Saturday afternoon the mountain was open to the top via the gondola making for the longest runs in California this season. Down in Main park the Unbound crew stepped it up for the limited snow with a dozen rails and jibs and a fun small jump. Pros, locals and vacationers alike sessioned the park all weekend.

Jordan from Big Bear was slaying the Oakley down bar all day.

There’s probably a name for this trick but Im going to keep it simple back 270 to Fakie – Jordan

It was Mason Aquirre’s Birth Day on Saturday and what better way to spend your day then with a nose press through the kink on one of Mammoth’s new rails.

Old Mammoth Loc Max Weinberger came down from Truckee to party on this rail. 

Saturday night everyone came out en masse to the Canyon Lodge to party and listen to the legendary RZA from the Wu Tang Clan. Sex Panther started it off with a suppar DJ set but that just gave everyone more of an excuse to hang closer to the bar, ignore the set and focus on “staying hydrated.” Once everyone was properly lubricated, RZA came out on stage backed by a full band. He went through all the classic Wu Tang songs, hyping everyone one up as could be seen by the constant wave of W’s in the air.

The Gza The Rza wanted everybody to party with em. He passed that bottle off to the crowd after taking one sip.    

Wu Tang Clan ant nottn to fuck with..


Once the show ended everyone went their separate ways, some to house parties around town, and the smart ones to bed so they could take advantage of the sun on the hill the next day. Overall it was an amazing opening weekend and the level of stoke from everyone in town bodes well for the rest of the season to come. No better way to get the year started than pow turns, sunny park laps and partying!

Thanks to everyone at Mammoth for making it happen and to mother nature for putting the icing on the cake. Wu Tang!

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