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This past Friday, September 14th, I hit the streets of Downtown Oakland with the skate crew from Milosport in Lafayette. If you’ve never been in the area, East 14th street in Oaktown is no joke. Gritty, territorial, and not a place you want to be caught alone, the boys hit the streets with something to prove.

(Left) Justin Lazcano clears the busted out light. (Right) Eric Sauve getting that coping handled in the sketchy pool.

Justin Lascano tosses a huge back 1 while the crew watches. Stomped of course.

Always make the minors do your dirty work. Ben Haag slapping down some Heckler love at the pool spot.

Our first spot was this abandoned pool that was hidden behind a 6 foot wall completely out of sight. About 8 feet in depth, the wall swooped up viciously, and left very little tranny at the bottom to fuck up. Didn’t matter, the crew threw down a quick sweep to clear the debris, and it was on. Justin Lascano and Justin Felix took turns taking laps over the blown out pool light, while the rest of the crew chose creative lines up, down, and side to side. The first few makes over the light were definitely cheered on, but the main goal was to get to the coping. Not an easy task in this sketchy-ass pool. Nevertheless, Eric Suave snatched that honor after about 8-9 near misses and then it was on to the next.

(Left) Justin Lascano with that multi-angle pool shot. (Right) Justin Felix was killing shit all day. This was no exception.

Justin Lascano boosting this, tre-flips, and back 1’s into the sketchy-ass pool.

Our next stop was a perfect lip to wallride right off East 14th in front of the oncoming traffic madness. Boards shooting into traffic and maintenance men trying to shut us down almost immediately, didnt deter Mike O’Day and Dallas Phillips from getting shots. Time to get the fuck out.

Mike O’Day maxing out the spot.

(Left) Mike getting hassled by the man. (Right) Dallas Phillips getting his while Mike tells the man to beat it.

On our way to the final spot, Justin Lascano was scoping a HUGE ivy garden to street gap, but was shot down by a local resident who did not want to hear it. She could care less about us getting what would have been an amazing shot, we were interrupting her watching The Price IS Right or some shit. While we were dealing with her, Mike scoped a perfect walkway-to-rail gap, so we moved on. It only took mike 3-4 tries to nail this shot and then we were off to the final stop of the day, The Shitbanks.

Gapping rails like its his job or something. Mike O’Day all day.

The crew rolling to The Shitbanks

Rolling up on this spot, it was obvious that it would be the days highlight. With about 5-6 options, the crew immediately went to work in front of a group of neighborhood kids enjoying some of Oakland’s finest medicinally-filled blunts, who were stoked on the free show. Justin Felix & Eric Suave took turns blasting massive gap-to-wallrides, while the rest of the crew sessioned the ledge from the same takeoff. Once the wallride was landed, it was over to the 15 foot ledge gap. Such a perfect DIY spot that the crew hammered on as if it were they’re local spot.

Ben Haag takes a piss in the background while Justin Felix takes a shit all over this wall.

Eric Sauve landed this beast of a wallride while Oaklands finest puffed on that Purp.

Jordan Leith with the styliest Front Rock I’ve ever seen.

Justin Felix textbook front lip’s the gap

Eric Suave didn’t let a little blood ruin his day.

Ben Haag rolled with us even though he’s on the disabled list. Get better soon so you can come shred next time.

Dallas Phillips showing off to the crew.


Session one of Milo In The Streets in the books. Look for more from us and this crew in the future. There’s hundreds more spots we’ll be exploring soon enough…

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