National Go Skateboarding Day 2015, Albany NY.

Shred For Shawny

This year Albany’s skateboard community celebrated National Go Skateboarding Day on June 20th. National Go Skateboarding Day is actually June 21st every year, but this year it also was shared with Fathers Day. So Dylan Longton and the city of Albany planned on doing the event on June 20th and it was a great turn out. A lot of people came out to support this day with all the sponsors and skaters in our area. Hopefully, the city can recognize that the capital of NY, Albany needs its own skate park.

This day was also in memory of a friend and fellow skateboarder Shawn Bredice who passed away at the end of May. His entire family showed up in support of him and the skateboard community. A big thank you goes out to Dylan Longton, the man who has been organizing this event every year at the Blue Banks for 5 years and the city of Albany for letting us put on this very successful day.

Filmed & Edited By: Mike Scotto (Scotto Films)
Additional Filming By: Brian Styk

Home Town: Schenectady, Niskayuna


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