Probably one of Best days I’ve had out in God’s country!


It all started the way it usually starts nowadays…with a text. I messaged my long time friend Sammy Luebke the night before New Year’s Eve day about going out to the back country. He mentioned Jeff Curley, Kevin Jones, Lonnie Kauk and his filmer Gordon were planing on going out early to this zone about an hour north. I got a lot of inspiration watching his parts in TB7, TB8 and Stand and Deliver. For all you born in the 80s and early 90s you can imagine how stoked I was for the next day.


To say the least, it was an early morning. I was up at 4:30 am, gassed up by 5:30 am, and was out of there by 7 am with the crew. As we pulled into the loading zone the sun was just starting to come up. We unloaded the sleds and headed out on a highway of a trail, freezing our asses off, all the way to zone #1. 


Yep, usually I’m going to bed around this time.

The boys making the routine cold morning parking lot shuffle.


Sammy, KJ, and Curley scouted the zone the day before and had an idea of what they wanted to hit. Heading straight for the first zone, I was amazed by the snow condition from the previous storm that happened week earlier. The six of us rolled up on what Sammy and Curley called The Freddy Jump. I’ve never seen this jump with such low tide before; it usually has more snow and looks a bit like a storm trooper. We discussed our whether to stay or leave the zone. Lonnie, Sammy, and KJ were stoked on the jump so Curley and I doubled them up as high as we could go. It didn’t take very long to build and they were sessioning within 30 minutes.

KJ, Sammy and Lonnie making quick work of the run in.

KJ pre send

It was so sick watching KJ rip. Even sicker through these Holbrook lenses.

I wouldn’t expect anything less from Sammy. FT stomping!!! 

 Lonnie debating his next trick. 


Everyone had a good session. Tricks were landed, Bangers where shot, and the stoke level was high. It was now time for Curley, Gordon, and I to take some shred laps before the sun dipped behind the white snow covered peaks. The day seemed to go by fast, but I guess when your with a good group of people time just flies by. 

Curley showing Lonnie some insta-gratification.


The shadows began to take over our canvas so we decided to check out another zone not too far away from the first one. It had a lot to offer, but the shade would detour us from hitting anything. KJ, Sammy, and Curley spotted this one lone chute and all ripped lines down. After the second zone, we all had a safety meeting and agreed on calling it a day.


 L-R Sammy, KJ, Curley – End of the day line.


This was one of the best days for me out in God’s Country. Not because of the riding…because of the crew. Just a bunch of humans having a good time, that’s what it’s all about. Stay tuned for the next installment of God’s Country coming soon…


Interested in what these guys do day to day follow them on instagram @sammy_luebke @k7jones @lonniekauk @curleyphotos 

Curley is a bad ass photographer check out some of his work at

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