Nike Snowboarding is about to blaze through town on their Chosen 2011/2012 Tour and Heavenly is the site of the Night Jam. Be at the base of World Cup Saturday the 4th at 4 pm for a shot at $5000 in cash prizes. Seriously. Just Do It.

There are two components to this whole thing: First, the actual Chosen video crew competition and second, the eye candy lights, pyrotechnic and pro snowboarder spectical on Heavenly’s famous competition run.

Is your riding/filming crew the Chosen One? There’s only one way to find out. To enter the contest for a shot at being shipped to Austria and treated like a pack of pros, you’ve got to submit an edit of you and your crew, doing what you do. If you manage to generate the most buzz about your frames, you and your posse may be on the next flight on one of Nike’s custom-made, custom-lit features. As I write this, there are 15 days, 22 hours, 36m minutes, and 21 seconds left to submit. Just Do It.

There’s even less time to prepare for Saturday’s event. Charge your phone batteries, Kids, and prepare for Nike’s heavy-hitting snowboarders like Danny Kass and Scotty Lago to razzle dazzle you on features built by the collaborative efforts of the Heavenly TPC, Snow Park Technologies and Nike Snowboarding. Expect to see some South Shore shredders holding it down out there, too. You can’t miss this… Just Don’t.

Here are the details:

Who: Nike with a pack 0? pros

What: Chosen Night Jam. Sick riders slaying a massive kicker and sweet feature set

When: Saturday, February 4th from 4p-7p

Where: Base of World Cup, Heavenly California Main Lodge

Why: Don’t ask questions. Just Be There. (Oh, and $5000 in cash prizes)

Powder and Pyrotechnics to the People,

Megan Hammitt ~ Snow Reporter

Check the Heavenly article here:

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