Far earlier than expected, Northstar California opened yesterday to Lake Tahoe’s prototypical blue skies and and warm weather. With Vista and Arrow chairs turning, that meant there was plenty of terrain open to get both your park fix on, and some wind in your face.


John Foy with style for days


There is a super fun park setup on Arrow consisting of an up-flat rail, long flat box, back-to-back down bars, ending up with 2 perfectly shaped jumps. Couple that with side hits and perfectly groomed trails to bomb down, it’s easy to understand why there seemed to be endless smiles all day.

JP Lagos became the victim of the Northstar Photo Caption contest on their Facebook page. Click the image to see all the comments, they’re hilarious.


Dave Abarta in mid-season form already


After lapping pretty much non-stop for 6 hours, we rallied to Rubicon for beers and called it a day. Thanks for opening early Northstar!


Abarta flexin


Foy poking one out


Abarta with the tongue poke

And the video we snatched from the Northstar folks:

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