If you want to get pitted in the pow like a true brah you want one of these. This is a Lib Tech Banana Hammock POWDER ONLY board that floats effortlessly in the deep. Don’t believe me? Just try it on a groomer for yourself and see how you like to ragdoll then. With a banana core and reverse sidecut this deck is a true pow slaying beast to say the least. The Mike Parillo graphics are sparkly and colorful and will take you on a Alice in Wonderland type of trip if you stare at it for too long. It rides equally sick in either direction and lands airs effortlessly. So if you are ready to bust out the parents or better half’s credit card this should be your pow board. Just stay away from anything that isn’t deep pow. I would go with the One Ball Jay wax rather than a brazilian wax job to rock this Banana Hammock.

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