This board here is the Ride DH. It’s a jump slayin’, ollie crackin’, park stompin’ machine! It’s a true camber board which means it is responsive edge to edge, stiffer nose to tail for more pop for higher ollies and built to stomp landings. The trend in snowboard technology right now is rocker or reverse camber. Companies are saying rocker is where it’s at, everyone’s riding rocker, and some board manufacturers have moved to complete rocker line-ups. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE!!!! Ask any pro riding in the Dew Tour or X-games slope styles what camber their boards are and your going to find that 98% of them are throwing down on camber boards. Ask Sebastien Toutant what he thinks of this board and you will see what I mean. So while your broa might be slipping out of landings left and right, doing three foot high nose presses and claiming that their new banana boards “so tight bro.” you’ll be getting hollar’d at by all the ladies from the chair when your double corking pass them.

Sizes: 153, 155, 157, 159

Stance: Centered

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