Choo-fuckin-Choo! The freight-train-loaded-with-dynamite that is Nyjah Huston once again barreled through the competition, and took down the top spot at the Street League event during the recent X-games Barcelona.  


Hot off a victory at the first stop of Street League X-games in Brazil, Nyjah came out the gate in Barcelona firing, with solid tricks in all sections and heavy hitters like backside 180 nosegrind on the massive hubba ledge and a kickflip frontside hurricane on the curved rail. It was certainly an onslaught, but the rest of the very talented field wasn’t going to take it lying down. Malto was consistently destroying as always, Luan Olivera dropped a next level switch frontside 360 heelflip over the wedge to wedge, and Manny Santiago was killing it all contest with all types of flips into all sorts of grinds on the down ledges. In the end, it all came down to the wire and the final trick in the “impact” section, and Nyjah ended up nudging out P-Rod (who was on fire all day) with a picture perfect hardflip off the bump and over the hubba for the win. 


Big shoutout to RIDE channel for the video coverage and the skaters for putting on such an awesome show.  However you may feel about the Street League joining the Xtreme games, we still have to give it up for the riders themselves for progressing skating and being so ridiculously consistent with some of the hardest tricks possible. Enjoy the video and for any more check out






1. Nyjah Huston

2. Paul Rodriguez

3. Manny Santiago

4. Sean Malto

5. Luan Olivera

6. Mikey Taylor

7. Torey Pudwill

8. Chris Cole

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