Words By: Gray Thompson

Photos By: Foy n Priv

Peak A Week number 2, or peak every fourth week as it should be called was interesting to say the least. Curtis and I had been on the road for the past month chasing real powder in Washington but came back as soon as Tahoe was graced with a little snow. The days we decided to go out, it had been a week since the last storm and the temperature had been in the upper 40’s for a few days. Most people would think the backcountry is done, but we try to think we are optimistic, so we headed out on an adventure in search of good snow. 

I set my alarm for 5:45, got little to no sleep, but fixed that with multiple cups of coffee and as soon as we started the journey, nature called… nothing beats a BC dump.

Anyways, We skinned out about 4 miles, while Privett chased after us on snowshoes; splitboarding is definitely the way to go. At the top of the ridge, the binoculars surprised us with a very shallow snowpack on the face we were going to ride. We still charged out there and made the best of it, because that is what it’s all about, getting out there! The snow was really wind buffed but there were still pow turns to be had. Got a few core shots on the board, but it was worth it! 

As we trekked back to the car, we came across the best view of Lake Tahoe just as the sun began to set, so we sipped some hot tea and enjoyed a classic Californian sunset, perfect way to top of the day. BUT, the mission couldn’t be complete without a stop at T’s Rotisserie to reward our stomachs for the thousands of calories burned!

The moral of the story is: Don’t be discouraged by a lack of pow at the resorts and high temperatures, go on an adventure and you will be rewarded, Tahoe can surprise you with some nooks of blower snow!


Filmed By: John Foy and Jason Privett

Edited By: Foy

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