The PBRJ has come a long way since its inception at Mammoth Mountain 15 years ago.  What was a small gathering of local rippers celebrating snowboarding at its core has now become a global event.  The Unbound crew has brainstormed and built nearly every imaginable feature for the PBRJ in years past, but showed they still have a few tricks up their sleeves. Today’s contest site consisted of the quintessential down rail in zone 1, a double “railroad track” rail to single down rail in zone 2, and a formidable down flat down rail in zone 3.  Competitors from all over North America, New Zealand, Argentina, South Korea, and Japan came to test their skills as they tried to qualify for the  $17,000 PBRJ Global Championships at Mammoth Mountain on April 18, 2015.

10_under_210-Year-Old Jake Langston locks into a 50-50 transfer 50-50 to boardslide on the train track to down rail in zone 2. Jake impressed our judges so much that he earned an invite to the 2015 PBRJ Global Championships by placing 4th in the 15 & Under Division.15_joey_1

2014 15 & Under Division Global Champion Joey Fava cannot get enough of the PBRJ and we cannot get enough of his ripping. He shows this rail whose boss by pulling a cab 270 front board 270 out in zone 1.


Judd Henkes maybe a little small in stature but stands tall on this 50-50 fs 360 off the kink in zone 3. He also pulled a perfect bs 360 50-50 in zone 1 and a half cab 50-50 transfer 50-50 board slide 270 out in zone 2 to take the win in the 15 & Under Division.


Pat Fava flexing a bs tail press through the kink rail in zone 3 as the sun shines down on Mammoth Mountain.


Spring time conditions make for a relaxing PB&J lunch break with all the fixings.G_Danika_3

Danika Duffy slammed a few times before landing this this picture perfect gap lipslide. She had everyone cheering her on as she made her way into the top spot for the Girls Division.


Danny Salazar did what no other dare attempt on this down flat down. Here he lands a board-breaking gap to flat lipslide in zone 3. He received the $100 Rev’d Rider award for this high impact maneuver.

15 & Under Division:
1st: Judd Henkes
2nd: Joey Fava
3rd: Caleb Bonneville
4th: Jake Langston
5th: Levi Brown

16 – 21 Division:
1st: Levi Kaseroff
2nd: Brendon Krainer
3rd: Tim Laidlaw
4th: Pat Fava
5th: Frederico Chiarelo

Girls Division:
1st: Danika Duffy
2nd: Maria Dugan
3rd: Sierra Jewett
4th: Hailee Mattingley
5th: Jade McJannett

Open/AM Division:
1st: Samm Neuman – $250
2nd: Jeff Harvey – $150
3rd: Joss McAlpin – $100
4th: Ryan Pluche
5th: Brian Pracht

Volcom Snowboard – Brendon Krainer

Rev’d Rider: $100 – Danny Salazar

Electric “Gooyest Move Of The Event” $50 and Electric Shades – Austin Bayless



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