Fenway 3 Top of RampWorkers with snow

Polartec Big Air at Fenway, February 11-12th,  will feature the world’s top skiers and snowboarders competing on a 140-foot high snow ramp, nearly four-times the height of Fenway Park’s famed left field wall. U.S. Olympic slopestyle snowboarding Olympic champion Sage Kotsenburg and Olympian Ty Walker are among the elite group of Olympians and Olympic hopefuls expected to participate. Fenway Park has hosted concerts, ice hockey, soccer, football, and more, but this will be the first skiing competition in its 103-year history.

Fenway 3 Top of RampFenway1Fenway 4 whole RampWorkers removing snow

The snow ramp, constructed mainly from steel planking and proprietary scaffolding, will run 338-feet long from the outfield warning track to home plate when completed. One of the more unique quirks of the snow ramp is that the 89-foot corral at the end will have competitors landing their jumps roughly where home plate is located. Because there is no bridge from the bleachers connecting the tower, competitors will have to climb several flights of stairs or ride an industrial elevator to reach the top of the snow ramp. When the snow ramp is fully completed, it will be taller than the Fenway Park light-towers.”

Portions of the park will be closed to spectators due to sightline issues, so organizers are anticipating roughly 25,000 people will attend the two nights of competition. It appears the best vantage points for the event will be from the roof seats.  – Garrett Quinn // Boston Daily

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Check out more at www.redsox.com/bigair

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