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Fenway Park was opened on April 20, 1912, nearly 104 years ago. On February 11, 2016, 50 of the top snowboarders took the field for the Polartec Big Air contest. After qualifications, the top ten men and top six women rode under the lights in front of a “wicked” loud Boston crowd.

Olympic favorites Jamie Anderson missed finals by a couple points, and Sage Kotsenburg suffered a concussion during a practice run before finals started. In the end it was Max Parrot and Julia Marino, who came into the event as an alternate after Ty Walker was injured during qualifications, who both hit inside the park home runs to land on top of the podium.

It was a frigid night at the park, but all the riders were stoked to participate in the unique contest atmosphere and to show the world snowboarding on a, literally, giant 140 foot tall stage.

Big Thanks to USSA and full story in the next issue of Heckler Magazine…

Men’s Final Results

  1. Max Parrot 183.50
  2. Mikey Ciccarelli 174.00
  3. Chaz Guldemond 170.00

Women’s Final Results

  1. Julia Marino 169.25
  2. Jenna Blasman 152.25
  3. Brooke Voigt 117.75

Check out Max Parrot:

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