On Thursday, Danny Toumarkine, Silver Serino, Taylor Lucia, Brian Neri and myself decided to hit up Northstar to do some pow training. By training, I mean we took turns spraying the hell out of eachother. We just got nuked on last night, and it doesn’t look like mother nature is done yet. That means the holidays are sure to be a happy one up here! Wax up your sticks and get up to Tahoe! I’ll leave this short and sweet and let the pictures do the talking because its TIME TO GO SHRED POW!!!

Taylor Lucia gets mopped up by Danny Toumarkine and Silver Serino.


Bataleon Snowboards’ Zach Jacobsen


No innuendo in this pic. Naw, none at all. Danny Toumarkine relaxing while Courtney Royce admires


Taylor Lucia helps Danny cool off


Taylor boosting off the pole jam with a proper stalefish


Caught Ryan Linnert with my lurker cam


More spraying. You can’t get enough can you?


Courtney getting served up a plate of mashed potatoes courtesy of Danny


Silver Serino has some of the best style around.


Danny boosting the pole jam..


And them promptly boofs a sign.


Roger Post killing it


Hey ladies, Danny LOVES to get kinky, just to let you know.


Save water, drink beer. Brian Neri making proper decisions.

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