January 6th-9th 2015

Well yet another awesome start to the season. It hasn’t snowed in Tahoe since Christmas and with no moisture in site for a minute we quickly decided to book it to Cowboy Country aka Jackson Hole, Wyoming in this episode of “Pow Pursuit.”

The crew consisted of Jake Lauter, Willie House, Jason Priviett, Cherise McGuire and myself. We linked up with tahomies Jeff Curley, Sammy Luebke and Jackson resident Joe Carter who would be our guides for the trip. Our intentions were simple find POW and rip it, not to get the next shot for our video part or huck a double cork off a jump. Its all about the POW turn, going fast, getting pitted and high fives in this video my boarding buds… Yew!

Look for the full story coming out in our next digi mag.


Video: John Foy, Jason Privett, Jake Lauter

Edited by: Foy

Thank you Anna Cole from Jackson Hole Resort. Also Jeff, Joe and Sammy for letting us tag along. shout out to Grahambo for the fresh Rome splitter and Toby Winters from Oakley for protecting my eyes.

Rome Snowboards

Oakley Snowboarding

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