New skate brand Praxis Footwear has officially welcomed Organika Pro and all around good guy Karl Watson to be the first member of their new shoe team. Check out the press release below for more. 

“We at Praxis are excited to have a skate legend and pioneer like Karl Watson as the foundation of our team” comments co-founder William Rienzi. “We believe he is the perfect embodiment of the Praxis brand. Karl stands for both breaking boundaries and bridging communities in his daily life – this is theory driven action. We look forward to a long term partnership with Karl as we rise together to build Praxis.”

Karl believes, “The feeling and image of Praxis is synonymous with my personal beliefs. I am honored to have been chosen to join such an awesome company. The shoes skate great and have a thin, yet strong sole. I look forward to the what the future holds. Praxis for life!”

One thing is for sure, with so many worthy professional skaters out there without footwear sponsorships, it will be interesting to see who joins Praxis’ new skate shoe program in the coming weeks and months.


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