Project Gold Camp is designed to bring together the top junior athletes from across the country for a progressive camp. We run two programs, Project Gold for ages 14-19 and Junior Gold for ages 9-13.  Athlete qualify to Project Gold from their results at USASA Nationals, Revolution Tour and the Grand Prix events. There are also a few athletes selected by coaches discretion.

 The camp is focused on setting goals and learning new tricks in a non-competitive atmosphere. We try to offer athletes all of the tools to learn and progress. Mammoth has been home to Project Gold for the past 4 years and has done an amazing job building great venues and providing this group of athletes with awesome training.

   I’ve heard about this camp for awhile now and have been lucky enough to spectate and ride with these up and coming kids. I coach some of them during the wither season with friends and owners of TSST (Tahoe Select Snowboard Team) Scott Harris and Ryan Erion. Scott has been coaching at project gold for the past three years now and this past year was made head snowboard coach along side with head ski coach Ben Berge.

   With that being said he mentioned that I should come out and cover the camp… I wanted to get out of Tahoe anyways so I hopped in big blue and headed my way down to Mammoth. Highway 395 from Carson to Mammoth is one of my favorite stretches of highway so I took my time and snapped some photos along the way…

   I arrived at the Mammoth Mtn. inn  just in time for dinner… These kids had it good… They got 3 meals a day and it wasn’t your usual shitty camp food… They had 4 cheese mac, seasoned potatoes, some green beans for energy, red meat, three kinds of juice and some cookies to top it all off. I was lucky to get a cookie because I was competing against 10-19 year old sugar fiends. With dinner finished and room checks done we headed to bed…. SIIIIKKKKEEEE!!! We headed straight to the bar where I met all the other coaches. We had some drinks and talked about how to solve all the worlds problems… 

   7am was the wake up call then straight to breakfast… same deal as dinner lots of choices. Kate Morton gave me my credentials for the day and we headed up to chair 5 where the camp was… After probably some of the sketchiest snowboarding I’ve done in awhile due to the shiny glaze over the snow some people call Ice we were sledded up to the pipe by one of mammoth’s awesome park crew attendants. Next we rolled out the airbags and salted the pipe. The kids arrived by 9 and the session was on… These kids where throwing down all day with 7’s 9’s 10’s and even some dubs.. Definitely be on the look out for these up and coming kids in the future…

Coach Dave still got it!!

Big thanks go out to Mammoth park crew for the awesome set up,  Abbi, Kate, Scott and the rest of Project Gold Camp for letting me tag along for the day.



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