By: IJV  Photos by: IJV, Keith Rutherford & SAMPSON

The 4th annual Rally for Rocker took place this past weekend and this event seriously just keeps getting better and bigger with every year that passes. Steve “Rocker” Anderson was a beloved and unique human, who lived to shred,skate,surf and ROCK THE F OUT. Such an amazing man and a great friend.

After his passing, a group of friends got together and spearheaded the idea of building a Memorial SkatePark in his honor. All the proceeds made from this and other events go towards the dream that is becoming a reality.

Every year, the course that is hand built is a work of sheer DIY ingenuity. With the winters we’ve had in the past it was a miracle that the courses were even built. With the snowfall Tahoe experienced this season, the stage was set for an all time build.

Due to weather and snow safety concerns the event was postponed 2 weeks. The day of the event could not have been held under more prime conditions. This year there were 230 contestants and well over another 400 people there to partake in what is perhaps the best event of the season. Shredders ( and a few brave skiers) from all over came together to test themselves on this amazing course. So many legends and people who will no doubt go on to be legends raced against the clock and each other to vie for some serious prize glory.

It is so amazing to watch everybody run the course and simultaneously thinking about how Rocker would love to shred this event. Everything that goes into making this event is monumental. Let the photos do the talking.

A HUGE THANKS goes out to Taylor Carlton and Roan Rodgers for herding all the cats and assembling the best build team this side of infinity. DCON, DANNY DAVIS, BJ, FOY,KIX, LEUBKE,ROBROB,RAFE,KELLIE WRIGHT, and so many others that came together to make this day the amazing day that it is.


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