On April 3rd, 2013, the Heckler Magazine crew threw a contest to celebrate what snowboarding is all about. Shredding with your friends, slamming beers, and having fun. We triple-corked some bottles of wine and left them at home with your girlfriend. The event was about speed and style, beers and babes. The Rattlesnake Rampage, the first ever all-switch boardercross event combined with a switch method contest, featured a 1k, combined winner-take-all format that had some of Lake Tahoe’s best riders come out and shred for the title.

We were beyond stoked with the turnout for the inaugural event, and are excited to show everyone what snowboarding truly means to us.Our staff would like to thank ALL of the competitors, spectators, sponsors, and volunteers who made this event such a special day for snowboarding. We hope to see you all for next years Rattlesnake Rampage!

In case you missed the first recap of the event, you can SEE IT HERE

A big thanks to our filmers: John Foy, Danny Conroy, JP Lagos, Brian Sampson, Lars Ames, Stephan Sierra, Kara Mukina

Edit by John Foy

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From Danzig’s self-titled, debut album
Year: 1988





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