Imagine never having to leave your house to go to the skatepark, because the park is INSIDE your house!  Along with many other skateboarders, I myself have long had the dream of having a fully skate-able house that one could still inhabit comfortably.  Visions of coming down to make breakfast and then doing tailslides on the side of the coffee table have long been running through many a creative skater’s head.  Red Bull helped take this idea a step further and let Philipp Schuster and friends take an old hunting lodge and have their way with it.  The outcome and use of space is brilliant, and the lines look like so much fun to shred. Big ups to Red Bull and Philipp for bringing such an awesome idea to life!


“Take one neglected house, add a bunch of top skateboarders, throw in a few tonnes of building material and what do you get? The coolest skate spot in Salzburg, created by skater Philipp Schuster and friends inside a once glamorous hunting lodge.”



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