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The Red Bull Schlittentag went down at Alpine Meadows last weekend, and it definitely delivered the carnage on a massive scale! Over 30 teams from colleges such as Cal, Chico State, Sac State, USF, San Jose State, etc.(hell, even Santa Clara had a team there) showed up to impress the massive crowd of over 1000 people with their combination of engineering, creativity, and balls. The local celebrity judges, which included Olympic Skier Daron Rahlves, Big Truck Hat owner Galen Gifford, and Pro Shred Danny Toumarkine, and hilarious announcer and founder of the High Fives Foundation, Roy Tuscany, heckled the half drunk fraternity brothers and their warcrafts as they sped towards almost certain obliteration while the Red Bull MXT mobile DJ station thumped Miley Cyrus dubstep lazerbeams into the fresh mountain air.


This is how this guy always looks.

The weather was sketchy, mayhem ensued, and we were there to snap pictures for you to enjoy. In the end, the dudes from Chico State dressed as easter eggs in a basket took home the gold, VIP tix to the Red Bull AMA Motocross at Hangtown, and snowglobe trophies that are sure to impress those innocent freshman girls at their next frat party.


Good for the soul, and the chiropractors job security. Red Bull gives you wings….and facials


Wiley Coyote and Yosemite Sam with probably the best fall of the day


Team Lance Armstrong took home the gold!


Yes, the judges Galen Gifford, Danny Toumarkine, and Daron Rahlves, were laughing at you.


The one ball wonders from Chico State took home the gold!


Don’t worry, Heckler hooked up the 4th place losers with a round of shots. Warm Well-Gin with a cherry. You’re welcome.


Can you see how stoked they were? Orange librarian lady was especially excited.


Sweet trophies


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