One year ago today we lost a true original. Steve “Rocker” Anderson passed away on Christmas Eve 2012 doing one of the things he loved doing the most. Riding powder on a sunny day at Donner Ski Ranch. Rocker embodied the Heckler spirit in everything he did and for that and more, he will continue to be greatly missed. Rip In Peace.

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  1. tarzan

    Og dogs always had the sprit you all know rize above all and help lift anyone in need.. alwayz protect the positive and make sure the highest and best in you to the highest n best in everything about it all;) universe duh yes people

  2. Chris Anderson

    It has been a year since I lost by brother, my heart or my life will never be the same. I miss him so much, I am missing his laughter, and his smile. He made life worth living, always trying to find the best in everyone. My brother was a beautiful spirit, and a beautiful soul, and I feel that life is so unfair if not cruel taking someone like him away from people who truly loved him so unconditionally. I feel as if part of me died when he died, the sun is not as bright as it used to be, there is part of my soul that is gone. I love you brother, and may god keep you in good waves, and fresh powder. Love Chris Anderson

    • Kelly

      We all miss you so much, Rocker! Your brother loved you fiercely, I can hear it & see it when he talks about you…until we meet again my friend. Beautiful post Chris!


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