ReTerror In Tahoe Brings the Party Back To The Contest Scene

Following in the footsteps of iconic 80’s contests like the Mile High Massacre and the original Terror In Tahoe, the ReTerror In Tahoe brought back a side of skateboarding seldom seen anymore in an era of Maloof Money Cups and Street League. The backyard contests of yesteryear have always had an iconic mystique behind them, from Lance Mountain lighting his board on fire mid-run, to Christian Hosoi, Tony Hawk, Neil Blender  and all the other greats battling it out for the top of the podium, there was a general lawlessness that seems to be missing from contests today. With a heavy legacy to live up to, the ReTerror In Tahoe did just that, showing that the underground skateboarding scene is still alive and well, and contests and parties like the ReTerror In Tahoe are just the place to prove it to everyone.

In true 80’s fashion we went hard the night before and by the time we woke and rounded everyone up, got food, decided on drivers, we arrived at the contest site in South Lake just minutes before the Pro Men’s heats began. Dazed and amazed, we found some good spots on the deck of the ramp and let everything settle in with beers all around to get the vibes flowing.

The contest was sick! Part skate jam, part punk rock show with bands on the deck all day, the stoke was high all around regardless of if you were skating or not. The contest was a true time capsule. The skating, the crowd, the music and the overall vibe could seemingly have been at home back in the 80’s in all the best ways.


Zack Lewis crackn one for the mic.

Guantanamo Dogpile about to start kicking skulls.

The level of skating was an all time high. Airs, footplants, grinds and more went down in three heats of full Texas style snake sessions. It was awesome to watch with multiple tricks going down at once on all ends of the ramps, and minor collisions just as rampant. The chaos combined with the music of Guantanamo Dogpile, The Yeastie Boys, Go Time!, The Skatanic Rednecks and more all blasting out classic metal and punk made it feel more like a backwoods party than a contest, and in all actuality, thats what it was. None of the skaters were there for the money or prizes, they just came to skate, drink some beers and rock out like everyone else.


Truckee Loc Rafe with a text book stalefish.

South lake local locking into a Crailslide.

Tyler lynch is young but does big boy tricks on the clam.


I doubt that you’ll see a group of full grown men in clown costumes cranking out skate punk on the deck of a ramp while kids play in the dirt behind the ramp and four plus people weave their way around a ramp trying to get their tricks in and thats really what made the ReTerror In Tahoe special. Once the smoke and the dust cleared the winners were announced, product was tossed out to kids and some drunk adults, and most made their way back to whereever home was. Some dedicated partiers and skaters stayed, skating the ramp until dark and drinking until no can was left unturned. All in all the contest was a success and really brought back a fun vibe thats missing from the big time, big money contests on TV. Here’s to hoping we can make it happen again next year and that contests like the ReTerror In Tahoe start happening everywhere.


Clown’s love big tities!!!

Groms: 1st Place Rowan Thunder, 2nd Curtis Ocampo, 3rd Dustion Orr

Masters: 1st Jason Richardson, 2nd Sean Purcel, 3rd Billy Bradford

Pro: 1st Demarcus James, 2nd Jerry Gurney, 3rd Zach Lewis

Best Trick: Tyler Lynch, Backside Lipslide the Clamshell

Highest Wallride: John Schurke


Words by Dan Conroy

Photos by John Foy


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