Yesterday marked the completion of the 7th Annual Dirksen Derby at Mt.Bachelor, Oregon. The Dirksen Derby is a Rally Race by name, and in all actuality, it is a rally for many causes. First and foremost, it’s a rally to get people together to raise money for fallen snowboarder Tyler Eklund. All the proceeds from the event are passed on to Tyler and his family to assist with medical bills and everything else that comes with a serious spinal cord injury. The sense of community that brings everyone together for this event spreads from the cause to the course where the real rallying takes place.

Tight, fast and through the trees; the Red Course proved to be the most challenging for most and definitely the most frustrating. The turns were so tight and close that you could be brought from a cruising speed to a full stop in one turn, the Red side really showcased riders with quick, fluid turns and tech board control at any speed.

The Green Course, a little more wide open and forgiving, was still a force to be reckoned with. Volcom filmer Jake Price, no stranger to the Derby podium, was unfortunately sidelined when a berm fought back a little too hard leaving him with a broken collarbone. Technicality and injuries aside, fun was had by all, from snowball throwers, elite racers, kids and everyone in between.

The two hand dug courses were ripped by everyone throughout the weekend and as the Derby gets more popular each year, the names of riders on the start list grows with it. This year standouts like Lucas Debari, Bryan Fox, Tim Eddy, Marie France-Roy, Curtis Ciszek, Iikka Backstrom, Jake Blauvelt, Harry Kearney, Ben Lynch, Austin Smith and more were joined by legends like Shaun Palmer, Temple Cummins, Chris Roach, Scotty Wittlake, surfer Gerry Lopez and of course, Josh Dirksen.

In the end of the day when the dust and clouds cleared, over 20 thousand dollars were raised for the Eklund family and everyone walked away with smile. Thanks to Mt.Bachelor, all the event sponsors and of course, Josh Dirksen, for continuing to put on such an awesome event. Results are as follows, check the full list at www.mtbachelor.com

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Check out Lick The Cats edit from the weekend


Derby Elite’s

1. Harry Kearney

2. Lucas Debari

3. Curtis Ciszek


1. Nils Mindnich

2. Kyle Miller

3. Logan Beaulieu


1. Marie-France Roy

2. Coleen Quigley

3. Desiree Melancon

Splitboard Men

1. Gabe Cliafre

2. Adam Haynes

3. Forest Burki


1. Shaun Fitzsimmons

3. Noah Brown

2. Wyatt Foley

Splitboard Women

1. Amy Wadley

2. Angela Wilson

3. Marie-France Roy

Sit Ski

1. Gabe Rousseau

2. Ravi Drugan

3. Hiromi Tatsumi


1. Sylvain Duclos

2. Jason McAlister

3. Ami Voutilainen


1. Ruben Valdivia

2. John Devenere

3. Gerry Lopez

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