The Binding:  Forum Shaka size L in Oil Spill

Available Sizes:  Medium, Large 


Flex:  Not too stiff but still very supportive. Great freestyle feel doesn’t hinder anything you want to throw in the park. The Hinge disk offers un-paralleled underfoot flex, and this is very awesome and very noticeable. Cheers to ingenuity! 

Customization:  Pretty much anything you want to do from highback rotation to baseplate adjustment, and customizable freestyle straps to tool free ankle and toe strap adjustment is possible here.  It only took about 5 minutes to fully customize both bindings to perfectly fit my boots, and the tool-less adjustment feature of the straps is awesome on the hill. 

Comfort:  The EVA footpads with gel in the heel and toe are the business! They really help on those heavy landings and to minimize the feel of any chatter you might have while bombing down runs. Softer foam on the inside and harder foam on the outside give the feet a very comfortable stance position, and also help cushion as well. A great, all around solid feeling freestyle binding with cool sayings like “Stinking. Drinking. Thinking.” on the straps. Can’t go wrong!



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