Sims Snowboards held the Retro World Championships of snowboarding, this past spring. The hand dug ol’ school pipe was going off that day. Legends like Chris Roach, Terry Kidwell, Tim Eddy and many others were on hand to destroy this mini pipe!!! Beers , Methods, Slush, the hot spring sun ,and vintage snowboards ruled the day.

Legends Mens:
1st- Chris Roach
2nd- Craig Goebal
3rd- Marc Vitelli
Legends Womens:
1st- Chrislie Elder
2nd- Julie Brown
Open Mens:
1st- Tim Eddy & Seth Hill (tie)
2nd- Chris Beresford
3rd- Eric Messier
1st- Caleb Bonneville
2nd- Micah Elder
3rd- Zaca Elder-Ussher
A Special Thanks too: Sims Snowboards, Snowboard Magazine, D-day Snowboards, and Boreal Mtn Resort
Riders: Chris Roach, Tim Eddy, Silver Serino, Seth Hill, Eric Messier, Gray Thompson, Cody Horan, Justin Mullen, Tucker Andrews, Jody Wachniak, and an un know slasher
Filmed By: Jonn Goggin, Jalin Arimond
Edited By: Jonn Goggin
Motion Graphics: Cody Anderson, Jalin Arimond

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