The Alley in Sparks

Im still hung over..


      It all started last saturday. lemme back up a little bit. We had been talking about this night for about a month now. Our good friends Band Deathplant was Opening up for Skeletonwitch and It just so happened to be Jake’s (Bj’s and My boss) birthday.. sooo


      Bj, Jake and I worked a little bit in the morning hanging X-mas lights making smiles. We wanted to do something productive cause we knew what the night had to offer.  After work I hoped in with jake and we headed down to Reno where we met up with Bj and Matty at Burgess skatepark off Pyamid highway. The sesh was pretty good. Jake and I skating the kidney bowl for the most part while Bj and Matty seshed some of the street features and eventually joined us.. Deathplant went on at 730 and It was getting close to 7 so we headed to the Nugget checked in and pre partied till the rest of the Truckee crew arrived. after Beers were drank conversations were had and drugs where done we walked the short walk to the Alley..


      The line up would consist of Deathplant from Truckee, a local thrash/death metal band named Otis, Mutilation Rites a black metal band from Brooklyn, Havok a thrash metal band hailing from Denver, CO and Skeletonwitch from Athens, Ohio. Each melting our face’s till we had none. 

Deathplant was first up and they killed it. Dane-vocals,guitar B-O on drums and Billy strumming on the base.

This was the first time seeing Deathplant and can’t wait for next… Yeeeeooowowwww!!!

Next up was Otis Jake Helfrich and Josh Thibeau (vocals and guitars) Logan Spurling on drums and Vince Bertolani. They Thrashed hard as i would expect a reno band to do.

3rd up was Mutaltion Rites (Michael dimmitt, Justin Ennis, George Paul and Ryan Jones) They played an ear piercing set.

The drummer looks like he wants to eat my soal..

Havok consisting of David Sanchez (Lead Vocals/Guitars) Jesse De Los Santos (Lead Bass/Vocals) Pete Webber (Lead Drums) Reece Scruggs (Lead Guitar/Vocals)

Keep your eye out for these guys.. They are currently touring with Skeletonwitch on their U.S. Abomination Tour..

Last but not least the band we all wanted to see SKELETONWITCH!! Chance Garnette (Vocals), Nate Garnette (Guitar), Soctt Hedrick (Guitar), Evan Linger (Bass) and Dustin Boltjes (Drums)

It was hard for me to shoot this photo cause my face was melting from Nate’s guitar riff..

Dustin Boltjes just saw my melted face and can’t tell if he’s disgusted or stoked..

      Everybody left the Alley with melted faces and preceded back to the nugget where gambling and other types debauchery commenced. Till next time Reno you will not be missed…  I would like to thank all the bands for playing a most ripping show and Jeremy and Chapin from the Alley for hosting.

Can’t wait for 3 inches of Blood to play in Dec at The Alley.

Here is some links to the bands that played..



Mutilation Rites




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