Made up of 166 members, the Snowboard and Ski Club goes to Lake Tahoe about five times in winter, club president and founder Ryan Littell said.

The club has been around for two years and is self-described on its website as a “communications network.”

“We are the middle-man in a sense,” said Littell, a music industry and technology major.

A true carpool system, Littell and the other officers hook up members

who want to go on the cabin trips with drivers from the club, Littell said.


While all members must buy their own ski pass or lift ticket, everyone in each car splits the gas and cabin bills. Cabins usually cost $15 to $20 a night per person, Littell said. This is the cheapest way to get to Tahoe, but estimated total weekend prices vary.

This trip is a good option for frugal travelers.

“Are you the guy who gets the $2 tacos at Jack in the Box or are you going to go to Subway and get a $6 sandwich each time?” Littell asked.

Members have a lot of freedom but have to somewhat rely on drivers once in Tahoe, said Mason Sumnicht, a communication design major and co-founder of the club.

“We drive up so that you can go like, grocery shopping and stuff, get supplies and basically just have the freedom to go wherever,” Sumnicht said.

The Snowboard and Ski Club is an extension of Chico for Sumnicht, he said.

“You get a Chico weekend while being able to hit the mountain,” he said. “We really have tried to establish a tight-knit community among the club. Once you become a part of it, it’s just another little family that you’re a part of in Chico.”

The goal of the Snowboard and Ski Club is to make getting to the mountain as cheap as possible, Littell said. People don’t mind sleeping on beds, couches and the floor for a cheaper price.

“It’s really communal,” he said. “You just see a lot of people helping each other out.”

The club sometimes holds spaghetti feeds, Littell said, and everyone hangs out and watches winter sport DVDs.

So far, the club has three events planned for the season: two trips and one charity event.

On Feb. 11, the club will help put on the Coppervale Rail Jam, a charity event for Lassen Community College. “We’re going to try to bring as

many people as we can and have a competition,” Littell said. “Hopefully we can save a community college’s ski resort.”

Club’s treasurer Greg McConaughy, a business administration major, was in a Chico State snow club that was disbanded before the current one was assembled, he said.

This club is different when it comes to caring about the members, McConaughy said.

“It’s more they just kind of took our money and never really established anything,” he said. “They didn’t have any organization. With us, the members know what they’re getting.”

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