Stop #9 of Volcom’s Peanut Butter and Rail Jam stormed into the Northwest at Stevens Pass, WA on Saturday March 14, 2015.

The Northwest region of North America has seen numerous Pineapple Express systems role through this season. This has led to warmer that usual temperatures and an abundance of rain instead of the usual white gold. Regardless, the Stevens Pass park staff fired up their snow cats to harvest as much snow as they could in order to put together a solid PBRJ site. The site consisted of a flat bar/corrugated tube to transferable down rail in zone 1, a “shark fin” up ledge over a closeout rail in zone 2, a corrugated pole jam to down box and flat ledge with elbow rail in zone 3. It was very impressive that the park crew was able to work their magic with the very challenging snow pack. The site was set but the challenges did not stop there. Saturday was also calling for heavy rain and windy conditions that had some question if the contest was going to be cancelled. After little or no debate the PBRJ crew and competitors put on their rain gear, ventured to the contest venue, and pulled off a solid event in “True To This” fashion.


Milo Malkoski was ripping through the zones with tricks like this 50-50 transfer lipslide in zone 1



Keala Cole blasts a huge fs 360 indy grab off of the corrugated tube in zone 3. He also 50-50’d the up ledge to front flip out in zone 2 and went gap boardslide in zone 1 that solidified a winning performance in the 15 & Under Division.


Austin Busa had all the extras along the way to push him into 1st place for the 16-21 Division. Here he half cab tail taps to fs bluntslide on the down bar in zone 1. It was an unexpected extra tap that had the judges stoked out.


Canadian wild man Kody Yarosloski gapping over to boardslide pretzel out in zone 1. His no holds barred riding and style was a sure bet for the $100 Rev’d Rider award and 5th place in the Open/AM Division.



We would like to thank Kelly Clarke and the Stevens Pass events crew for supporting the PBRJ before, during, and after the event.  Thank you to Brian Boyle and the entire park crew for working their magic and building a proper event venue.  Thanks to our judges of Dan Poole, Ahman Stamps, and Cheyne Shoultz for etching in the scores.  Thanks to the one and only Clint Graham for holding the ship together and battening down the hatches where needed.  Lastly, thanks to our tour sponsors, listed below, for their continued support of the 2015 PBRJ tour.


15 & Under Division:
1st: Keala Cole
2nd: Matteo Soltane
3rd: Milo Malkoski
4th: Beck Otteson
5th: Noah Siems

16 – 21 Division:
1st: Austin Busa
2nd: Daniel Iverson
3rd: Zack Playfair
4th: Matt Fitzgibbon
5th: Thomas Dale

Girls Division:
1st: Livia Molodyh
2nd: Jackie Flanagan
3rd: Cali Carlson
4th: Sabrina Patton
5th: Nina Zyryanova

Open/AM Division:
1st: Dillon Boeshans – $250
2nd: Demetri Bales – $150
3rd: Andrey Trofimov – $100
4th: Justus Hines
5th: Kody Yarosloski

Volcom Snowboard – Zack Playfair

Rev’d Rider $100 – Kody Yarosloski

Electric “Gooyest Move Of The Event” $50 and Electric Shades – Jared Elston

Fender Guitar – Keala Cole

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