The Strange Brew dudes are kinda the mutts of snowboarding. They are from everywhere: Minnesota, Vermont, Virginia, California. But, they are all based out of their Home Sweet Home, Tahoe, California.  So, needless to say when they are here, they go hard.  Here is their latest episode of “Strange Tapes” filmed right at the heart of the Tahoe Jib scene, Boreal Mountain / Woodward Tahoe.

Riders: Craig Cameron, Armeen Perioz, David Gray, Ian J. Daly, Danny Kern, Jake Casler, Alex Fuzie, Scoli Bones, Brett Wulc, Brian Wilson, Felix Mobarg, Keenan Cawley

Film / Edit: Danny Kern (who also has a selfie in this, TIM HUMPHREYS EAT YOUR HEART OUT!)


Be sure to check out Vol 1 of the Digital Mag to see a nice feature from the Strange Brew // East to West tour.

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