One time I felt like Eminem. I could picture him turning up a crowd like he was in 8 Mile and all the people there are going bananas but instead of that bleach blonde string-bean rapping it’s me up there trapping some ignorant word choice swag all off the top and all the squads are there and they’re loving it. And then some fools start singing corny choruses and dancing and BOPBOPBOP. They stopped singing and dancing. And so the squads, naturally, turned back up and the freestyle was thus consequently freed in style. As a bird flew overhead. And the bird took to the wind as color stains water and maybe the bird went to the top of the largest building and decided that though the view was nice there must be something nicer so the bird discovered himself atop the tallest tree and despite the calm nature the bird was drawn away, further still, until the bird flew to the peak of the highest mountain. But the top of the world was not enough. The bird took off for space and when the bird broke through Earth to stellar atmospheres – well, shit, maybe the bird never came back but regardless now the bird’s become constellate up there in outerspace and you can see the bird in the nightsky, all the way at the top.
Even Eminem could see it, but Eminem’ll never see ur boi.

Brady Lem, Alex Fuzi, Nial Romanek, Dillon Bonnie, Scoli Bones, Chris Gulick, Cody Horan, Freddy McCarthy, Felix Mobarg, Keenan Cawley, Ricky Koukal, Brett Wulc, Zander Blackmon, Danny Kern, Mark Wilson, Armeen Pirooz, Casey Pletz, Blake Hunter, Simon, Thaddeus Tolbert, Brett Wilkinson, Kody Williams, Ryland West, Ian Daly, Riley Nickerson, Austin Ford.

Danny Kern and Brett Wulc

Youngbloodz – Shake ’em Off
Whodini – Five Minutes of Funk

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