We took a trip down to Mammoth with the crew from Solitaire Skateboards for a solid weekend of skating, camping, swimming and to generally get the hell out of Dodge for the weekend. A solid crew of rippers, an awesome skatepark and epic camping make the trip go off without a hitch, minus some grief from Johnny Law over some disputable trespassing into a river and hot springs. All in all it was worth it, here’s some teaser B shots, look for a full article in the upcoming digital magazine. Thanks to the guys as Solitaire Skateboards for having us, we have to keep the trips like this rolling!

The High Sierra awaits!

 Road Dogs

 Brendan Greene rocks out a Backside Blunt in Mammoth

Brody Petulla stares down from a Backside Boneless

 Rafe Robinson: Front Crail

 Brody pops a Backside Air Body Jar, Rob is amazed

 Typical campfire photo

 Camping is the best

 Luxury accomodations

 Rafe pops one Backside

James Dryden takes a Boneless One up a level 

 Brendan Hays digs into a Frontside Smith Grind


 Brian Johnson and Sid Enck tag team the cradle, this was gnarly

 Lots of skating went down. So did a lot of not skating

 Brian Johnson coming out of a Frontside Crailside

 Brendan Greene, Backside Air

 Self explanatory 

 Rafe blasts one last Frontside Air on the vert wall as the sun dips behind the Sierras 

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