Symbiosis: “the living together of dissimilar organisms in intimate association or close union, usually resulting in a mutually beneficial relationship.

            In relation to human beings, these words bring to mind a vision of unadulterated harmony and cooperation.  It is a glimpse of a world where everyone takes only what they need, and aims their focus on what they can give back. With this goal in mind, the creators of the Symbiosis Gathering invite us to join them for 5 days in celebration of music, art, sustainability, and awakening.  Austin D. and I are thrilled to cover this unique event and to share our experiences with you.

            The Symbiosis Gathering has always taken place in a new and unique setting, distinguishing itself from other events.  This year we have the privilege of gathering in Northern Nevada at Pyramid Lake, a site that is inhabited by the Paiute people.   In addition to this honor, we will also be in a prime location to witness an annular eclipse that will occur on May 20 around 5pm.  

             As a musician (and self-proclaimed nerdy music analyzer) I was originally drawn to this festival to see one of my favorite bands Little Dragon, perform.  After checking out the event website, I realized that the amazing music lineup was only a small portion of what they had in store.  Workshops on sustainability, Native American wisdom, aquaponics, physics, and even Yoga of Bass are just some of the great opportunities to learn something new.

            In addition to Little Dragon, Beats Antique, PANTyRAID, and Emancipator are just a few other shows I will not miss.  This all-ages event will also offer a KIDBIOSIS area where the youngest contributors will have a safe and fun area to participate in the gathering.  Yoga and movement classes, as well as film screenings round out the event with the promise of creating an environment that will be as diverse as each person in attendance. 

            In a letter to the community, Symbiosis told us, “this is not just another party. This is an opportunity to witness the grace of the universe as evidenced in a solar eclipse and we hope to have some fun while doing it.”  See you guys out there, we’re looking forward to this event, as I’m sure there will be nothing else like it.

The last gathering was 4 years ago, but here is a taste of what is to come. 

For more information, please visit: Symbiosis

Here is Little Dragon performing the title track off their latest album, “Ritual Union”


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