I think it started something like this: a friend called and asked me if I’d recently designed some t-shirts for Target. I said no. He went on to tell me that he had seen some shirts at Target that looked like my work. A day later two separate friends emailed me photos of t-shirts they’d seen at Target with what they thought to be either my work, or something that looked very similar to it. So at this point I decided to head to Target to investigate the matter myself. I needed to buy toilet paper and shampoo anyway, so it wasn’t really an inconvenience.   

 So that’s where the story starts. I won’t make the assumption that you have any idea what my work looks like, so here’s an assortment of images for you to look at to get an idea of what my personal aesthetic feels like. It’s mainly monsters and skateboarders with skull heads. A few ramps and knives here and there. Definitely not groundbreaking imagery. But it follows a tradition of skateboard graphic illustration and I’ve worked for over a decade to develop what I believe to be is a fairly recognizable personal illustration style. And I think that I incorporate a few signature marks and characteristics when I’m drawing that let the viewer know they’re looking at something I drew. At least I used to think that…

Feel free to haul ass through the following illustrations. I’m not trying to trick you into looking at my portfolio, I just want you to have a good idea about what my imagery looks like so that you can make an educated decision about whether or not my work has been appropriated for a line of clothing available at Target.

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