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Today, Brandbase USA, owner of the Technine brand has signed up Blitz Distribution for a multi-year U.S. exclusive distribution for its core snowboard brand, starting with the fall 2012 season. 

Blitz has been looking into getting involved in the snowboard industry for years and to have the chance to partner up with E-Stone and his crew at Technine is a perfect match. Technine has a super strong focus on its athletes and their lifestyles much like the brands we have built in the skateboard industry over the years. We are poised and ready to work hard together for good times ahead with Technine.” – Per Welinder, President, Blitz Distribution

“Teaming up with Blitz is a dream come true. It’s been a long road for Technine and we’ve had many ups and downs over the past 19 years. This partnership with Blitz couldn’t have happened at a better time. We’re one year away from our 20-year anniversary and joining a group of like-minded people from the skate industry–which we’ve learned so much from–is a breath of fresh air. It’s amazing what Per has accomplished over the years, from being a professional skateboarder to all his achievements as a brand builder.  JSLV is one of my favorite up-and-coming brands and the connection with Magoon and B-Shaw will be a huge addition with JSLV and Technine now being under the same distribution. I have much respect for this crew and I can’t wait to see what the future brings.”

-Ethan Stone Fortier, Founder of Technine


Technine is one of the only snowboard brands with a 19-year heritage. Technine is a rider-driven snowboard binding, board, and outerwear brand. The core team is made up of founder Ethan Fortier, VP of Design Trent Bush, and Cole Taylor, whose roots extend over 20 years in the snowboard business and include design, photography, and filmmaking. The athlete roster includes Lucas Magoon, Chris Bradshaw, Andrew Brewer, Dylan Thompson, Simon Chamberlain, Derek Dennison, and Nick Poohachoff. Technine has always been true to its roots in urban and resort jibbing and freestyle and has pushed the sport of snowboarding since its inception. The new 2012/’13 collection introduces new price point offerings in both high and low in all categories–boards, bindings and outerwear–and addresses technology as a priority in addition to the athletes, graphics, style, and quality.

ABOUT BLITZ: Blitz is a brand incubator and distributor of action sports and apparel brands. Our mission is to grow the relevance of the Blitz family of brands to an ever-growing audience through talents, design, marketing, and distribution

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