This was by far one of the Funnest sessions turned edits of this season from beginning to end that I feel blessed to had been a part of. Kyle Miller is a K2 shredder from Mantana turned Tahoe winter transplant that is always smiling, laughing and ripping it up in every way. If you are not stoked on life then go hang with the Debbie Downers cuz Kyle is always having fun and making great times while his snowboarding shows it. Kyle finally got a legit sled for this season and it is helping him get to the goods in proper style. Being a youngin’ at 23 and still smart enough to not want to be quad corking into the comp limelight he is definitely doing it right by doing Methods for A-Rob every chance he gets and sticking to the great roots of why we all board, to have a BLAST. I am grateful to share this and show what snowboarding is really all about. Rippin with your Bros!


Filmed by: Jason Privett & John Foy

Edited by: Jason Privett & Kyle Miller

Artist: The Black Angels

Song: Black Grease

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