The Brian Jonestown Massacre: Wonder Ballroom Portland, May 5th, 2012

The Brian Jonestown Massacre” formed in 1990, out of San Francisco, having an eclectic style; their best recognized for their experimental psychedelic rock-n-roll sound.   The group’s seen many members come and go over the past two decades; only one man has been there throughout it all, although at times he nearly destroyed the project due to his volatile behavior, he’s an eccentric musical genius: Anton Newcomb. Newcomb has a solid 7-9 man band; consisting of old members like Ricky Maymi, Matt Hollywood and Joel Gion, they’re back at it with old friend Newcomb. “The Brian Jonestown Massacre” is on tour kicking off their new Album Aufheben, which is fucking awesome! So check it out.

The Show was excellent; surprisingly there weren’t any melt downs or blow ups, BJM is like a fine batch of whiskey that’s been maturing in an oak barrel for the last 22years, creating a familiar nostalgic sound for all to enjoy.  BJM played a smorgasbord of old and new material over the span of two hours. Newcomb sang on most of the tracks that night, but it was generally Matt Hollywood, along with Joel Gion and the rest of the band that held it down. It was an awesome experience seeing them rock out and have a grand old time on stage. It’s not every day a band like BJM comes to town; a group that has stayed on the outskirts of the mainstream music scene and kept more to the underground side, for a reason too. The Brian Jonestown Massacre still make good music, play sold out shows and do one hell of a job!

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