Night of the Dandy Warhols show Portland, OR

March 19, 2012

By: Nicky Greeve aka Nick Man Yeah Man aka Bear Bite

Funded by Tennessee’s best Old NO. 7, the night was a night fueled by sour mash Wolfs-Blood, Wolf-Chow and Neo-Psychedelic Garage-Rock!  My friends Meggers, Riggs, Kata and I headed down to the Crystal Ballroom around 9:30pm, stopping for a couple whiskey-gingers at a bar on the way. Making it into the venue a little before 10pm, we headed straight to the bar to re-hydrate. We started our drive through the crowd, stopping about 8 people from the front of the stage, dead middle.  From here there was an excellent view of the band and their gear. Amps, drums, guitars and keyboards lined the stage.  The crowd was growing restless in anticipation for the concert to begin.

The Dandys came out at around 10:15pm. Immediately following, the crowd erupted with hoots, hollers and howls. People from all angles were pushing forward, trying to improve their view. The band knew their roles on stage and armed themselves respectively with their musical instruments. Front man, Courtney Taylor, welcomed everyone to the show and stated something along these lines: “Thanks everyone for coming. Thank you Jack Daniels for supplying the booze and paying us a shit load of money! We got a new album coming out in a few weeks, but we’re going to play a diverse set”.

They opened the set with “Be-In”. The song starts out light and airy, focusing on the keyboard for unearthly and computerized sounds. The guitars and drums soon join in; building on the keyboard’s already well established chord progression. Then they slip into this hypnotizing trance of power-pop jam. The group continued to play a memorable first set consisting of some of their most popular songs like, We Used to be Friends”, “Last High”, “Junkie”, “Holding Me Up”, “All the Money” and “Wow”.

We stepped outside about halfway through the show for some fresh air and a cig.  It was cold and rainy. The blustery weather was not helping us light our smokes. Shortly thereafter a nomad approached us asking, “Hey, you guys got any rolling papers?” I responded, “Sorry man, not on me”. He then asked if we were with the Dandys.  Riggs told him that we were just here for the show. Then I remembered that we had found a ticket at the bar we stopped at on our way to the show that evening!  So, I offered the ticket to the guy without considering whether he had an ID, Money… or who was going to watch his bags.

Without hesitation, the nomad accepted the ticket. Since he looked pretty torn and frayed, we ran cover on each side of him and his two bags, so not to be questioned by security. We got him inside successfully, then stopped at the bar for more refreshments, and offered to buy the guy his first round of spirits. He got a G&T and I ordered some Wolfs-bloods for me and my cronies. Beverage in one hand and mainliner in the other, we headed into the crowd for the rest of the show.

At that point the Dandys were finishing up “You Come in Burned”.  This song is heavily influenced by the keyboard’s strange automated sounds. The Melody is constantly changing in every aspect. The lyrics talk about a failed relationship. The well orchestrated and executed light display mixed with fog machines’ effects, raised a feeling of seduction and eeriness.  

Following “Burned” was “Well They’re Gone,” a song off their newest album, This Machine, scheduled for release late April, 2012. During this song Peter Holmstrom took lead guitar to an extraordinary level, playing the entire song on his guitar with a Violin Bow. I was shocked and amazed and I don’t think I had ever seen anybody play the guitar with a bow! Zia McCabe, who plays the keyboards on most of the songs, played the melodic on this particular song. The specific chords McCabe plays give the piece an old Eastern European Gypsy tempo.      

They ended the night with one of my personal favorites, a classic. “Get Off”, is an upbeat, fast chord progression jam, perfect for dancing– and my signature move– slapping the floor. LAMF!  At that point, the crowd, my cronies and I had caught a buzz and were just happy to be at a free Dandys show, funded by Tennessee’s Old NO. 7.  


March 19th 2012 Dandy Warhols Playlist Crystal Ballroom
    •    Be-In
    •    We used to be friends
    •    Junkie
    •    Holding me up
    •    Rest your head
    •    The last high
    •    Enjoy yourself
    •    Wow!
    •    All the money
    •    You come in burned
    •    Well they’re gone
    •    The autumn carnival
    •    I am free
    •    Bohemian like you
    •    Get off
    •    Boy better

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