Perched above the hallowed grounds where the famed Donner Party ate their last meals, sits Boreal Mountain Resort, the host of Nixon’s Into The Wild Event and a fitting arena for the men and women of the area to test their skills. Let it be known, none of those skateboarder/snowboarder types would have made it to Donner Party’s final feast alive. This was an event chocked full of prospective entrees.

Nixon’s Into The Wild was about fun and practice more than survival, which was good for this lot of city slickers. Even better for ’em, an enormous lunch spread was provided, ensuring that no one would go home hungry or limbless in pursuit of sustenance. First up was snowboarding. Sliding the rails, jumping the barrels, hitting the boxes. Everyone seemed pretty capable of the activity, but none of those skills would prove helpful in any way for a true mountain man to survive a winter outside in these parts. Regardless, Truckee’s Totally Board took top honors on the snow, a trend which would continue throughout the day proving that living in this area at least gave the boys a slight advantage.

Next up was skateboarding in Woodward’s amazing Evergreen Skateparks built clover bowl. Small with tight trannies and bumps surrounding it, the pit was the perfect venue to showcase the skateboarding and also provided a more than decent beer garden for those waiting and watching. If survival was judged upon the ability to suck down Coors originals and PBR’s, everyone in attendance would have made it through winter fat and happy. With the sun shining, each team completed a five minute jam. Five minutes… Nothing right? You would think so, but these yellow bellied saps were coughing, wheezing, gagging and puking before the two minute mark. So mountain men they are. Healthiness, or lack thereof aside, everyone ripped the bowl, with the local Totally Board boys taking top honors again.

Archery, Tomahawk throwing, and BB Gun shootin were next. At first these so called mountain folk couldn’t hit nothin even if it was standin’ plumb in front of em, but sure enough, most of em got used to the ways of the wild and proved they could indeed hit somethin, just maybe not if their life depended on it. Luckily for them it didn’t. Big thanks to Nixon for inviting everyone to come out and have some fun in the woods together. It’s truly awesome the appreciation they have for the local shops and this event is the pure essence of that. No pressure, good vibes and good fun. Thanks to Boreal for hosting again and for all the shops that made the trek to this unhospitable stretch of mountain to try their luck against one another. Already lookin forward to seein’ them try again next year

Best Snowboard Shop – Totally Board
Best Skate Shop – Totally Board
Best Mountain Man Shop – Totally Board

First Place Overall Shop – Totally Board – Truckee
Second Place Overall Shop – The Ledge – Squaw Valley
Third Place Overall Shop – SBI/Wavelengths – Fresno
Fourth Place Overall Shop – Pacific Wave – Santa Cruz

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