Jamie Lynn, Wes Makepeace and the “Rock and Roll Express” head back out on the road to Mammoth Lakes, California for Snowboy Productions world famous Holy Bowly. Free flowing skateboarding, music, art, food, friends, adventures and shred all culminating at the amazing Holy Bowly set up in Mammoth made this another epic pilgrimage of stoke. So good in fact that the trip never stopped, we’ve been on the #RoadToHolyBowly ever since and don’t see any reason to get off it. Next stop, Sunshine Village April 17th, all aboard!!
Film / Edit: Tim “The Stanther” Stanford
Music: Tittyfish
Starring: Jamie Lynn, Wes Makepeace, Sky Siljeg and the Mervin crew!
Special thanks to Volcom for the RV!


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