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Foursquare’s ad campaign features revolutionary photos from Ian Ruhter with technology from the 18th century. He accomplished what no one had done since Edward Muybridge, capturing action with the Collodion wet plate process. Premiering this last Saturday in S.F. and continuing to travel to six more cities is a show of prints made from the original plates. Check out the Foursquare web site for locations to see if there is a show coming to your area and go see these amazing pieces of art in person.

Q: At what point did you decide to start shooting Collodion wet plates?

Ian: I started shooting wet plate collodion in June of 2010. This was the point where all my favorite films were discontinued.

Q: So, what was your first image you captured on a wet plate?

Ian: The first image I captured was a portrait of my friend Brian we shot it in my loft in LA.

Q: After refining the process and learning from masters of the craft like Will (Dunniway), did you feel ready to take on the task of shooting snowboard action?

Ian: I wasn’t sure what was going to happen when I shot the snowboarding action. I did some tests before the shoot being on location in the mountains with the snow and all the other variables left me with some pretty big questions.

Q: Aside from the logistics of the shoot, what posed the biggest problem?

Ian: The biggest problem was getting a tremendous force of light onto the subject to this day I still don’t think we had enough lights.

Q: Where do you see the wet plate process taking you, or where do you see taking it?

Ian: With the wet plate process I think the skies the limit. I look at everything people say can’t be done as a personal challenge to try it. That is what makes photography really fun.

Q: This show was only a block away from the MOMA (museum of modern art); do you hope to have work on the walls there someday?

Ian: One of my biggest dreams is to have my work shown in a museum. To be that close was inspiring.

Q; Is there anyone you would like to thank that made this vision and concept of yours come about?

Ian: The Foursquare Team, Will Dunniway, Mark “Okie” McClanahan,
Bryan Knox, Kevin Keller, Kevin Winkel, Kyle McCoy, Torrey Cook, Dana Nichols, Peter Morning, Joanna Kaylor, Josh Chauvet, Mammoth Mountain, Zeke Trejo, Edmund Gonzalez, Vantage Printing, SFO, 111 Minna, and the Ply Group.

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