This past Friday, Squaw Valley hosted the second installment of Jeremy Jones’ Deeper, Further, Higher series. Nestled at the base of the historic KT-22 lift, people came out in droves to witness the journeys of a man that is arguably the most respected and revered snowboarder of all time. By some estimates, upwards of 3,000 people were said to be in attendance, and the shred stoke was easily felt. In addition to Jeremy, some of the other stars of the film, Ryland Bell, Forrest Shearer, and Lucas Debari were also in attendance.


Jones Snowboards Brand Manager Chad Perrin, Ryland Bell, Jeremy Jones, and Forrest Shearer

Jeremy and the Teton Gravity Research family had some big shoes to fill following up a film as monumental as Deeper, and they definitely delivered. Jeremy gave Ryland Bell some of the most impressive props in the film, talking about how he has really come into his own and is handling the elements like a true veteren. Forrest Shearer gave the crowd goosebumps on a few occasions with his breathtaking runs, and also his honesty in reacting to getting handed a beating by mother nature. Terje Haakonsen stepped away from his self proclaimed “digital world” to spend some time with “Jeremy Jones, the Mountain Goat,” and Lucas Debari showed us why he is one of the most revered youngins in the backcountry world.


Iris Lazzereschi was in attendance, smiling and laughing per usual


Easily a few thousand people in attendance for the world premiere


Photographer Seth Lightcap shows us the Jones Snowbaords Mountain Twin Splitboard

 South Lake local Aimi Xistra-Rich & her friend smie for the camera while Sampson lurks hard in the background


Tahoe Snowboard Mag’s IJ Valenzuela, his special lady friend, & Teton Gravity’s Todd Jones were properly sauced up


The Further Tour is showing at the Place of Fine Arts in San Francisco at 6:30 & 9:30pm tonight, and then heads to Seattle this weekend. Make sure to check out Teton Gravity Research’s site for more tour dates in your area. This film is a can’t miss!


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