We didn’t go Further, we didn’t go deeper and we definitely didn’t go Higher, but that’s not always what it’s about….

After a nice little early season storm and no resorts in Tahoe open to fully enjoy the snow, Kyle Miller, Gray Thompson and I decided that it was time to grab the tent, splitboards and sleeping bags and head out to a zone to see if the snow was deep enough to actually get some turns. None of us new what to expect, it was just a full dry run to make sure we could actually survive a similar trip later on in the season. With everything packed up, albeit a couple hours later than planned, we skinned up and hit the trail.

We all figured that even if the snow wasn’t deep enough, we’d at least get a night of camping in so there was nothing to lose and everything to gain. To the surprise of all of us, the snow was actually amazing and just deep enough to get after it. We’re not Jeremy Jones and none of us are trying to be, but this trip proved to us and others that with the right equipment and a little determination, anyone can go out and get some right in our own backyards. Now its your turn!

Video by all of us. Edited by Kyle Miller

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