The Finalized Black V-Plate is here!!!!!!

  Have you ever wanted to shred a vintage snowboard but are scared for your life looking at the old brittle bindings on it? Or you go to put some new bindings on it and the hole pattern is very different?  Well now you have an option to shred those old decks using the V-Plate.

Thought up and designed in the Pacific Northwest by Dave Billinghurst the V-plate is a must have for any snowboarder that has a big quiver and wants to shred some of those old decks properly.  Not only will the Plate allow you to mount bindings on most* old boards but it also allows you to make the stance wider.  If you’ve ever strapped into one of these its not a pleasant feeling having your knees bang together.

These are a limited run and theres only a few more days you can purchase them before they go into production.  If you want more info head over their Facebook page or you can contact Dave directly

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