Stop # 2 of Volcom Stone’s Peanut Butter and Rail Jam took place at Mammoth Mountain Resort on Saturday January 14, 2012.

Similar to years past the Unbound terrain park professionals put together a super fun site that included a good mix of creative features and solid rail staples. This year’s contest set-up included: a 40 ft round down bar, a bonk to dance floor, and skate plaza style brick planter creation (aka the brick yard). It was a great site to wet our appetites for the $20,000 Championships on April 21, 2012.

The 15 and under division is always an inspiring group to behold, especially in Mammoth. These young rippers are the future and they are getting it done. Joshua Douglas locked down his 2nd victory in a row! Josh managed to lock into a Front board to 180 swivel to 270 out on the down bar-mind bending! It was Pat Fava who locked down 2nd place and nipping at his heels was Judd Henkes taking home 3rd. Good showing boys! 

The 16 and Over division were up next to slay the jam site. We saw some smooth back lips down the 40 footer, presses through the grass, and foot plants on the bonk feature. An impressive array of tricks but it was Burne Carraway who took home victory with Plake Pasher in 2nd and Thomas Baxter in 3rd. Excited to see what these guys bring to the champs. 

The ladies division was not the largest group but their talent level made up for their lack in numbers. It was Mariah Dugan who blew everybody away when she locked into a front board between the bindings all the way through the 40 footer! The crowd went wild and this maneuver played a big part in her 1st place finish. Good skills ladies!

The Open division closed out the day and as always, we saved the best for last. Not only do we get to bear witness to the technical ability but we also get to see how creativity can factor into taking home a coveted invite to the Championship event. It was Frank Knab who wrestled himself the 1st place finish! Scott Hoffman and Garrett Warnick weren’t far behind with 2nd and 3rd place standings. Good showing gents! 

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