Stop #1 of Volcom Stone’s Wild In The Parks took over Surf Expo in Orlando, FL on Friday, January 10, 2014.

Normally the Surf Expo is an event reserved for retailers as they prepare for the up coming season.  While much of these practices stayed the same, Volcom brought in the prestige of the WITP tour for 2014. Volcom enlisted the help of Team Pain Skateparks to erect a course that could tame the beasts charging for WITP Glory.  The course boasted a down rail and down hubba in zone 1, a down rail, 9 stair, hubba ledge, and the bump to rail in zone 2, while a bank to wall with quarter pipe variations were housed in zone 3.  Crowds of competitors filled the skatepark to test out the zones, while Expo skate enthusiasts lined the barricades surrounding the skatepark.  With a few last minute competitors added to the roster, the 2014 WITP tour was set to begin.

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