What are the ingredients for a successful Volcom x Launch Party Anti-Hero? Some local beers, some good burgers and a DIY task “secret spot.” The guys of Volcom and Twits Skateshop had understood everything. The location has not been online, only a phone number was given out. Everyone who wanted to get the address of the place, had a text message us. The phone has got spammed and shortly after, the entire spot was packed and ready for the party.

This day was all about good times, having a good session spot and catching up with the locals. After shooting a few lines and a few waterfalls whit a dirt bike, a best trick contest was organized to celebrate the new clothing collection. Everyone skated the new barrier and crashing into each other to get some fresh products from the collab. Thank you to Volcom and Twitsskateshop for the good vibes, good session and sick Products Photos + text: Joselito Verschaeve

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